30 Day Disney Challenge

Day #30 - Your Favourite Theme Park Ride/Attraction

Okay, so I remember going on a few rides at Disneyland Paris but it was January and snowing so a lot of them were closed down, which was sad. But of the rides I did go on I remember really enjoying the Haunted Mansion.

It scared the crap of out me and I was holding my friend’s hand the whole way round, but I still really enjoyed it and thought it was a really great ride. I loved that there was a story going round. Which was then butchered in the movie.

My favourite attraction overall though, is getting to meet the characters. That’s just so much fun!

Aaaand I finished the Challenge! Yay! 

30 Day Disney Challenge

Day #29 - Your Favourite Theme Park

I’ll have to go with Disneyland Paris, since that’s the only Disney theme park I’ve visited. It was a three-day trip with my school seven years ago (I can’t believe it was that long) in the middle of January so it was freezing and I had to wear about three layers of clothing every day but it was awesome. I want to go back.

I’d also love to go to Disneyworld in Florida one day. Well I’d love to go now, but I can’t afford it. Sad face.

30 Day Disney Challenge

Day #28 - Your Favourite Quote

I think this is just such a wonderful message to send to children: the only limit to what you can achieve is what you believe yourself to be capable of. 

30 Day Disney Challenge

Day #27 - Saddest Death

Ugh, there are so many. How are there so many deaths to choose from? That said, there is one that absolutely devastates me every time and that is:


Awful as many of the deaths in Disney are, the fact that Gurgi is knowingly choosing to die makes this scene all the more powerful. Even more so when you consider Gurgi’s reasoning:

"Gurgi not let his friend die. Master has many friends. Gurgi has no friends."

The loneliness of that statement is heartbreaking. Gurgi doesn’t want to die, or to be a hero, or to be noble. He wants to be a good friend to Taran. A lot of people will be left grieving if Taran dies. No one will grieve if Gurgi dies. Even though he believes that Taran isn’t really his friend, Gurgi is still Taran’s friend and because of that he chooses to sacrifice himself. 

And, of course, because of that act Taran is left grief-stricken.

I’m going to and cry in a corner now. 

30 Day Disney Challenge

Day #26 - Your Favourite Scene From Your Favourite Movie

The transformation scene from Beauty and the Beast. I love this scene so much, because I think it’s such a powerful, emotional moment. Belle has just admitted, as much to herself as to the Beast, that she’s in love with him, which is something that is probably overwhelming and terrifying to her: somehow, against all odds, she’s fallen in love with a beast. And that realisation comes at the same moment she thinks she’s lost him forever. And then he starts changing.

The build up to this scene is intense, and the fact it’s almost entirely non-verbal makes it all the more powerful in my opinion. You can see the shock and hope on Lumiere’s, Mrs Potts’ and Cogsworth’s faces; on Belle’s face you can see shock, hope and fear. She knows there’s a curse on the castle, but she doesn’t know what it is. She has no idea what’s happening to the Beast - she knows he’s changing, but into what? She doesn’t know if he will still be the same person she knows and loves. She doesn’t even know if he’s still alive. 

And then he is. And she’s wary and scared, but she knows in her heart that it’s him. Suddenly loving him is possible - more than that: they have a future. 

The feelings this scene gives me.

The music is incredible (love you forever, Alan Menken), but the animation is flawless. The fact that so much emotion is conveyed in this scene, where all of six words are spoken, is just amazing. I can only shake my head in awe and over-analyse it completely.

30 Day Disney Challenge

Day #25 - A Movie That Makes You Cry

Dumbo, despite being a happy film overall, has what I think is possibly the most heartbreaking scene in any Disney film ever. Watching Mrs Jumbo trying to protect her baby from being teased and laughed at, and then being locked up and comforting him from behind bars with Baby Mine … it just destroys me. 

Watching her stretching out her trunk through the bars to wrap about Dumbo, and the lyrics about how it doesn’t matter what Dumbo is or looks like, he precious to her just because he’s the baby she’s longed for never fails to make me cry. 

I want to cry just thinking about it. 

Also, Dumbo’s sadness about being rejected is also awful. How is this a children’s film.

30 Day Disney Challenge

Day #24 - A Movie That Makes You Laugh

The Princess and the Frog. Charlotte and Naveen are hilarious. That gif is one of my all time favourite Disney scenes. 

Also: “Listen here, mister. this ‘stick in the mud’ has had to work two jobs her whole life, while you’ve been sucking on a silver spoon and chasing chamber maids around your ivory tower!”

"… actually, it’s Polish marble."

30 Day Disney Challenge

Day #23 - An Underrated Movie

The Black Cauldron, absolutely no question. It’s much darker in tone than a lot of Disney films (and perhaps seems even more so due to the lack of upbeat songs to lighten the mood), but it’s fantastically animated and acted and really just a great film. It makes me sad that so many people haven’t seen it or haven’t even heard of it. 

Also, Gurgi breaks my heart every. single. time. 

30 Day Disney Challenge

Day #22 - An Overrated Movie

Yeah, sorry Alice.

I don’t mind Alice in Wonderland, but I don’t think it’s Disney’s best. I never found the characters especially engaging or the songs particularly memorable. I will say the way they animated Wonderland is very good, but there are certainly plenty of other Disney films I’d rather watch. 

I’m not really a fan of the Tim Burton version either, come to that. I prefer the books to either adaptation.  

30 Day Disney Challenge

Day #21 - Your Favourite Sequel

I’m assuming I can use Pixar for this, since it comes under the umbrella for Disney (and has already been included in this challenge). So:

Both Toy Story Sequels are brilliant - they both maintain the high standard of animation, voice acting and, most importantly, story telling. The scripts for both Toy Story 2 and 3 are just as witty, emotional and narratively tight as the first one and are definitely some of the finest examples of film sequels ever.

Toy Story 3 probably has a slight edge over 2 for me because it made slightly more of an emotional impact, since I was that bit older when it came out and I watched it right before I was going off to university. Also it has Ken/Barbie and Spanish Buzz.

(If I was going to pick my favourite sequel of the traditional Disney classics, it would be The Rescuers Down Under, because similarly it’s only sequel as narratively strong and memorable as its predecessor.)